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released April 8, 2016

All songs created, written, stressed over, fought for, lost, found, rearranged, remixed, retracked, engineered, produced, mastered, and documented exclusively and independently by "Foxes Have Holes" under "Three Yellowmen" (ascap).

Songwriters: Jacob C Boyd; Jesse Z Kickasola;

Performers: Jacob C Boyd; Jesse Z Kickasola; Richard B Ball;

Additional Instrumentation: Thomas D Stewart;


all rights reserved



Foxes Have Holes Paducah, Kentucky

New sophomore album "The Places You Grew Up In" available worldwide!


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Track Name: Ataraxia
I had tried to take a stance,
you went off for second chance.
Nobody's trying to dance,
we're scared to death.

I sat there and blamed myself,
cause you had lessons I just couldn't help.
You had to learn them somewhere else.
Any other way or night it would have come across just fine;
so come, come across. (yeah, come across!)

Our youth was wasted to get on,
I made it here; now I want off.
The screws are loose,
this track is falling apart.

Here I sit, ten thousand feet,
from everything I said I'd be.
It's a long way down, long way up.
Track Name: New Song #4
It's all me; It's on me.
my heart broke.
I've got a bite, a tick and a flicker.
shut my eyes, thought I'd get there quicker.
everybody else around got sicker.
"go home."
"I hope the sky never clears, I never get down from here."

nothing is working, I've carefully noticed.
coping; I'm already on it.
we're broken down again and we're taking it all to the end.
no more nights at home waiting or sorting it out for a way of explaining,
that we're tired eyes; and we're guided by distant lights.

maybe they were saying it so we would know now.
I can't see anyone or any way.
maybe we just said those things so we would get by,
get on, so far, from everything we used to say.

and when I said those things...
I mean, goddamn; I can't recall.
but i'm in every one and everything and every day.

maybe they we're saying it so we would know now.
I can't see anyone or any way.
maybe we just said that shit so we would get by,
get on, so far, from everything we couldn't say.
Track Name: Threads, Hammers, Dear Life

Verse one:
And are you wanting what you're bleeding?
Are we leaving this in the open,
To trample under the weight
And pressure of the lyrics,
of the songs you sing so softly
that help you sleep at night
I can't believe I found you here
But the truth comes out when you let no one inside
I never dreamed I'd wake up here
do we find out what you want or can you decide?

Pre Chorus:
Misquote yourself and say it's always
Believe the worst about your own reflection
because I swear to you, you'll know you've seen me
If you can face what you've done

If I could turn my back and walk away
I know I'd find myself
Right back here again
Because this world is not so wide
And the ocean's greatest tide
Will never keep me far from you

Verse two:
Are you safer on your own dear?
are you lost in your direction,
the way back to the road
That leads to your perfection
It'll all work out in the end
Well can you taste it in your teeth?
I always seem to find you here
But where can you go when you know you can't decide?
You always seem to disappear
Do you crawl into yourself when there's nowhere left to hide?
Track Name: Keeper
so you've come a long time,
and you've went a long way,
and you've seen a lot of old friends,
pass you on the way.

and you've got some left, but it won't last for long.
oh, you know that went the morning comes and they get here;
in the wake, this will all be gone.
you know? oh, god; I can't believe this opened up.
we really skipped the shortcut this time.

I am a ghost; I am a ghost;
without a beat inside to follow on the walk home;
turn into the scarecrow.
a waste of time, an honest mistake;
a reminder of fate shorting a wire,
stalling the engine to the plane.
I fall right out of the blues and greys again; I fall.

a shot to my spirit; a feeling of hope;
oh, it's a rock on the reef cutting the lining,
to a hole at the bottom of the boat.
I will float on; and on against a salty sea.

worry; I thought that surely,
you'd be over this one.
but you don't; cause you don't know nothing.
worry; we're in a hurry,
to sweep through the midwest once again.

and we'll be wearing white in january,
and we'll be making plans we know will fall through.
and we'll be falling asleep on concrete floors in cold brick buildings,
looking up through branches at the moon.

i'd play along, i'd fake the faces,
if everything could just fall right back in their places.
the fall will come and put things,
right back in their places.

and I hope as you go, that you plan it.
so I know where to go when I panic.
but you lost all sense of hope,
and it's right where you lost it.
no, but you won't know;
where to go when you panic.
so where will we go when we panic?
I don't know where I'll go, when I...
Track Name: Shooting the Lonely Guy Montage Scene

Verse one:
You've gotta keep your pace up
Never fall too far in line
Do what you can to stay alive
I know you're let down
Yeah, you say it all the time
But what you look for you will find
When you keep waiting for the worst to come


So sit yourself down
And tell yourself
Everything you thought
You wanted to hear
Keep to yourself
All those things you think
You couldn't say too clear
Sit yourself down
And tell yourself
Everything you thought
You wanted to hear
Prove to yourself
That you believe in
Anything again

Verse two:
There's dirt in your make up
Oh, that crooked devil's snide
Crying wolves with batting eyes
You cried for a savior
I stood among the crucified
But my money's on the other guy
To keep you waiting for the worst to come

You keep me waiting
To keep you waiting
You keep me waiting
For the worst to come
Track Name: Two Strips and a Gram

Verse one:
well I could tell by your reaction,
you never saw it coming.
you've gotta keep your eyes open,
and keep looking on.
somewhere between your intuition,
and subtle misdirection,
you lost some sense of purpose,
you wrote on your own.

breaker, breaker, am I coming in?
can you hear me clearly?
these conversations never end
the way we want it too
and there's still so much to say

Verse Two:
there are sirens so loud,
on a loop throughout the town.
and it's strong, and it's wrong,
and it plays all season long.
It's alive, and it's well,
and sometimes it's hard to tell,
if the rope, it'll hold,
with every year we go.

Verse three:
It's a rut, and a crutch,
that we have been through too much.
It's a lie, and a night,
we've seen through a thousand times.
there's a light outside my window,
there's a candle burning by my bed,
but I can't see, for the life of me,
anything up ahead.
and in this state when the lights turn red,
you can always still go right.
so keep your head up, keep your eyes down,
maybe you'll find where you went wrong along the way
I find myself going futher up the shelf,
hoping word gets out when it hits the ground.
and our race seems perfectly okay,
with the way that it all breaks up and down.

Verse four:
you've gotta keep on going through the motions,
until you get the rhythm,
pace your steps with syncopation,
and keep marching on.
using your discretion,
when looking for an answer,
you'll find it's what you couldn't admit,
all along.

from the shine of the light, channeled down from the moon,
to the haze of the fog as the day was renewed,
I got off at the post, on the field, by the well,
each time I return, it gets easier to tell;
that I spent so much time trying to gather my thoughts,
I kept boxing and boxing, so much I forgot,
that the legends and prophets we all loved so well,
we were, even if to noone but ourselves.

there's a little black hole at the center of the earth,
and a treasure map of eden hidden under the dirt;
fermented fruit at the tree by the fountain of youth,
and we clung to our glass like a saint to the truth.
but our fathers tied our hands to this sinking ship,
we broke our teeth and our fingers trying to break out of the grips;
and we stumbled and tumbled along for all these years,
breaking rocks just to see the light.

I could stay and get wasted, and probably still hate this.
back porches and basements; gravel and pavement; life-threatening statements;
surplus of coffee, kids, and persuadance; shortage of money, direction and patience;
I'm not convinved that there's anyone waiting to give us an owed explanation,
one day out of nowhere from the dark.

breaker, breaker, am I coming in?
can you hear me clearly?
Track Name: Wading Wadi Rum
my back flew first out swinging doors of the saloon,
out settling scores that didn't want to get even.
we leave the things that we know; that we're told,
on the side of the roads that we take to believe them.
I pull my sleeves down to my thumbs,
and look around as all the people started running,
and I look to the fog, for something that is coming.

when I was a good guy, I guess I felt fine.
days were days, and they would go by.
and all of my reasons, I believed in;
and that was all I ever could have needed.

maybe I'm a bad guy, or just some guy, neither one feels much better.
I always end up outside, trying to get high, trying to get myself together.
I can't, resolve this all for you, I didn't know that after all this time,
we'd still be speaking in absolutes.

if it's going to take a little longer out at sea,
that's fine; just tell me not to take you literally,
you can splash in that shit all day, but don't get it on me.

all the good times; the good lucks; the coffee cups.
when you'd go, I hope I spoke to your soul in those doorways,
no matter what they say, we're going to be ok.

you said "jake, you know we're all just out here sitting;
waiting for the hypothermia to kick in."
yeah, it's you and me, and me and you, just sitting;
waiting for the hypothermia to kick in.
Track Name: Rose Tinted Mirrors

Verse one:
Oh she's so quick to pull her punches
Just to stab you in the back
And I can't see a way out away from here
Where I can keep myself in tact
And she says "Who are you when you're not home
I know you know, but do you really know for sure?"
You left yourself back at the cul de sac
Like a doll left on the floor

For a while, I was sure
Everything wants to work out
But it can't just be me who can't see passed
Everything that just won't
When all you know is you can't be sure
If anything works itself out
Well I hope I'm wrong, because if I can be coy
I must admit, I know I won't

Verse two:
It happens to the best of us
And only to the best of us
In spite of all coincidence
Fate keeps it's eye on circumstance
I am the fallen one
But I can't recall where I've fallen from
Torn at thoughts of running away
And seeing just how far I've come
Track Name: Tah Maguf Siarum

they all just laugh when they ask how i've been and I say "I'm surviving".
though that's hardly the case, hell, you do pretty good to break even.
noone is waiting, nobody's in the sky, noone's coming back and running by my side.
I just stood there, nobody really knows what the hell they're doing here.
and I don't mind, I don't think the goddamn safe is full of anything or any way,
anyways, anyway, yeah any way that you can, love.

gotta keep those lights on at the station, more than often it's all you've got,
between these earthly situations.
I think of every place that I could go this late.
none of our words, none of our thoughts, have ever made it out of the cave.

this feeling's back; and its brought all of it's friends.
and i'm too tired to fight them off.
they'll finish me here in the heartland, but i'll have 'em by the fall.
after all, that's what we're fighting for, isn't it?
what a comfortable thought, to remember when you go back down.
hows this for a way of putting it?

oh steph; oh god;
what are you telling yourself to get past these scorching days?
it's not like I'm speaking highly, I am clinging on; I am amazed.

so come on! come on, kick on, relentless.
"come on, kick me again." steph says.
stick around and wait, and it'll fuck you over.
"come on," you sighed;
"let's run back to the other side."

I felt the sweat, from what it was,
that remained from the thought; from the trip.
It's that goddamn "whatever, forever" game to get through,
every single day, no arguement.

I am a pigeon with a note,
with one wing half-assed leaping down the road.
I am a fire in the tent,
wearing down the value of rental apartments.

you were right, I was unequipped,
I had no idea what I was fucking with;
and it was all going to end the way that it was supposed to.
I hope the plane doesn't see us,
I hope that I won't forget you.

up the valley tonight, there's a sermon by the river.
and it's the spirit left of a broken congregation.
it's full of sighs and tired eyes, throughout the morning
and those ciggarette conversations.

we've lost connection with ranger station #6.
he blew his brains into the cold,
where the road don't go.
and when there's nobody to walk with,
there's just too many directions you can go.

and though the jackals fucking taunt us on the other side,
we look with hope it'll slow,
and know it won't.
Track Name: Dirty Bombs and Grandfather Clocks

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